Marbury Park Pool & Swimming Club


The Marbury Park pool is a little oasis set in woodlands on the outskirts of Northwich in Cheshire. The unheated open-air pool has two diving boards and is set in extensive grounds with picnic tables and benches. There is also a paddling pool, changing rooms and a small shop.

The pool opens between May and September each year. Opening hours are noon until 6pm in May and then 11am until 7pm for the rest of the season.

The pool is open daily to members but day-passes are also on offer to visitors at a price of £5 per adult and £3 per child. Non-members should call the pool before visiting as, on busy days, entry is restricted to members only. Pool staff can be contacted on <b>07815 600364</b> or <b>07599 702903</b>.

Please email for membership information.
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Email: | Marbury Park Swimming Club | Marbury County Park, Marbury, Northwich, Cheshire, CW9 6AT
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